Sophisticated reviews are more than welcome


If you decide to do one, please keep in mind that every encounter is different depending on the chemistry we have. I kindly ask you to be conscious of the details in your reviews to respect my privacy and avoid mentioning explicit details. I am seeking for genuine, passionate, and pleasurable connection. If you are looking for a list of acronyms, we are possibly not a good match.


Hello all, would like to report on my experience with Alana Forbes. And a bit of my thought process as how I came to my conclusion. Admiring Alana was quite easy, she has a great website with lots of amazing pictures but I think what sold it to me was the sneak peaks of her on her Twitter!

Booking was done through email but to my surprise, she also left a phone number to which I did send a message to let her know that I had submitted the contact form. I think her having a phone number to reach out to from the get go made it really easy to set up the dates. Within 2-3 texts, the date was set and table was booked for dinner!
My experience with Alana is based off on two dinner dates from her last tour in Toronto. The first time, I couldn’t stop staring at that gorgeous face! If you are into mixed-race ladies, she is the one for you!!! She was gorgeous inside and out, I’m still thinking about it! There was no language barrier for me (as sometimes I do experience with Quebec girls), it was like meeting a long-lost lover. At dinner, she was an attentive partner to be with and enjoy drinks and food with.
In private, she was the same attentive and engaging person but minus the clothes! Highlights for me were that she was an amazing kisser, was clean and tasty in all the right parts. Don’t underestimate Alana! She packs a huge punch for her size. I was definitely trying to keep up with her in bed Need to shake off the pandemic cardio… haha. It was quite the different experience from the public Alana, in the very best way possible. Public time was sweet and cute. Private time was naughty and seductive. You can imagine the rest of the details on your own! All typical acronyms at this price/rate range were included for me. I was not disappointed, quite the opposite actually!
Before I even left my first date, I had already made plans for date number 2 just a few days later. The second time was just as good if not better!

My important takeaways (things that are important to me):
- Easy communication, concise (not cold) yet still charming.
- Never bothered to touch her phone. She even asked me if it was ok to use her phone to take a picture of food. Extra polite!

- Not a clock watcher, though it was a dinner date.
- Great taste in fashion, she was DDG both times for dinner. Felt good having a hot date for dinner. 
- Clean towels for me. And perfect hygiene on her part!

All In all, amazing experience. Have already planned my time to see her on her next tour in Toronto.

- thedollarbill, Terb.cc, Toronto, October 19th 2021


I was actually messaging Alana and encouraging her to come out west, I am so glad she did take the plunge!
This girl is something special. The texting had been going back and forth for a few weeks which built this huge anticipation to meet.

As soon as I walked in the door I was mesmerized by her beauty and the greeting from her was insane. The vibe was indescribable, mutual pleasure was the main course and we overfilled ourselves above and beyond, this beautiful human knows how to please a man that she is into.
Alana is my new addiction. It's all about chemistry and I'd say we nailed it!!


- Lane1977, perb.cc, Vancouver, August 25th 2021



I see that Alana Forbes is on tour again and will be back in Vancouver next week. I was lucky enough to see her the last time she visited a month ago and I had not written a review but felt she deserves to be reviewed this time.
At first, I was reluctant to book someone new but after reading some of her MERB reviews (everyone of them positive) I took the plunge and booked her for an appointment and boy am I glad that I did. I love my CBC girls and she's definitely more than that. I don’t like giving ratings and numbers and everyone has their preferences but I will break down the review below.

Looks – She’s an Early 20’s Eurasian of which she’s a beautiful mix of Asian and Caucasian. Eurasian is the perfect description of her as the Montreal/Quebecois part of her gives her that European flair to her looks. She is NOT that Import Model Fake Asian looking girl but someone who is beautiful and classy….a lady that you would feel at ease taking out for dinner without people knowing she is a provider. She’s stunning, elegant and amazing.
Body - I like my SP's petite and spinner-like. I would best describe Alana as petite with curves in all the right places. Nothing fake or enhanced about her but I love a naturally beautiful girl so no complaints here.
Attitude – easy-going and easy to talk to. No awkward moments and transition from small talk to the bed was seamless and effortless. She made me feel like I was with a long-lost lover and the actual deed was amazing. Great eye contact throughout. The right amount of moaning and pleasure and not over-the-top fake screaming.
Services – a combination of GFE/PSE. Everything advertised was provided and I never felt rushed. She seemed to enjoy the time spent. She was not a clock watcher but I also respected her time and made sure I didn’t go over. Her services are accurately advertised.
She was set up at a nice downtown hotel last time and everything was easy and no hassles to get to her room.

The only negative is that she is based in Montreal and not based here (although that might be a positive as I would go broke seeing her too much). Her rates are advertised on her website and she’s a paid advertiser on here.
Recommend and Repeat???...YES and I have. I booked a second appointment with her the last before she left and I have already booked another one next week. I can’t wait.


- 4everinlove, perb.cc, Vancouver, August 16th 2021


"This is my first time writing a review, usually I don't like writing reviews but she's a gem.
The encounter with Alana is one of the best experiences I have seen. The pictures that you see on the website are legit, with silky skins and an amazing body. She looks similar to Ellie Leen with thicker lip.
She can provide both GFE and PSE, the BJ skill left me speechless and she is certainly a fun girl to play with. Also, she can accommodate your preferences and give you one of your best experiences that you will see. I don't want to talk about too much details of the session, because everyone will have different experiences based on their preferences, but I am sure you will have a great time with her.
She has an enthusiastic personality and conversation with her is easy and chill.
For sure will repeat. "


- thebiged, Merb.cc, Montreal, April 11th 2021


"Wow, what can I write about the Alana experience besides a bunch of superlatives. She is awesome and fun and gorgeous. I was looking for a low-volume escort and I found this gem. She won`t be low volume for long.
If you look at her ad on merb ..... you'll get a good idea of what you are in for, but the experience was way better than I expected. Her skin is pale and silky with no ink or piercings or any imperfections. Her face is what you hope for from a Eurasian woman.

Her body smells great and clean. Her breasts are natural, small and have a perfect form. She certainly enjoys her work. Her laughter comes easy and her conversation flows naturally and mixed with plenty of naughty words. Her tongue should have its own Twitter account. It's long and pointed and she can use it in ways that are hard to imagine.
Her service is GFE/PSE with greek being the only restriction I found. She is a tiny spinner after all. She loves toys. I plan to see her again soon. "


- S., Montreal, April 10th 2021


" I met Alana for an overnight recently, and I can't recommend her enough.
It was a great girlfriend experience and the perfect escape to relax from my busy life.
Her photos don't do her justice, as I thought she was more attractive in person.
She is pretty, clean, and likes to smell fresh and good.
She is easy to talk to and fun to hang out with.
And she has a stunning petite body that she takes good care of.
DFK was sensual. Her ass was perfect. DATY and AR were simply delicious.
A sexy, easy-going, and respectful SP who was happy and eager to please me with my requests. 
I would definitely see her again. "


- malbecced, Merb.cc, Montreal, April 5th 2021