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Thank you so much.  Tasteful reviews with tempting and erotic details are more than welcome. I simply ask you to be considerate of my privacy when writing your review. 


I was looking for someone I could connect with for a night on the town in Vegas and, oh man, what a wonderous experience. From the second I saw Alana, her smile and eyes just radiated and I knew right then we were going to hit it off. As we walked to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, I noticed one thing that really hits home with me - simple, affectionate touching. When you’re on a date, the affection of just naturally touching someone’s arm or hand or face can really set the mode for a great evening. She looked so incredible in a stylish dress, jewelry, etc. I’m sure my adrenaline level was like I’d just pounded 10 Red Bull’s. With a tight body and gorgeous lips, Alana is certainly beautiful. But beauty isn’t everything, especially when you’re on an extended date with a total stranger. You cross your fingers that you connect, and we sincerely hit it off in the chemistry department, chatting about everything. Alana is both smart and charming. She’s also super authentic, confident, passionate and, frankly, one of the most endearing women I’ve ever met '...'

If an AI chatbot were writing up the perfect scenario for a Vegas night, this was it, thanks to Alana. Absolutely, 100% the woman you’ll be thinking about 20 years in the future when you reminisce about the best times in your life.

S., Las Vegas, 2022, on

Finally, the day came and I went to go meet her. She came down from her elevator to find me and boy was she a cute little spinner. I was immediately attracted to her mixed looks and her big juicy lips caught my attention. We had a nice chat up in her room. Super warm, nice, and made me comfortable. Like two long-lost lovers reconnecting. While we were talking and joking, there were a lot of flirting and touching going on. I love that tease level. It came to game time, and we freshened up and got ready. While Alana may seem like a nice innocent woman, when it came to the main event she was nothing of the sorts. She was naughty and wild in bed... My only regret is we didn’t spend a longer time. It’s tough on the first meet as I am big on a person’s look when it comes to this part of the world. So I usually do a shorter duration incase I am not into her. But Alana was one that I wish I just rolled the dice on. All good, as I will await for this exotic beauty to return!

H.E., Miami, on (January 2023)


 She is in my eyes very attractive and has a slight accent when speaking English. All in all a great package and someone I could spend a lot of time with who felt like they were being authentic... It's a shame she doesn't show her face because she has just a vivacious beaming smile and big almond shaped eyes that light up the room; it's easy to get lost in them.

E., NYC, on (November 2022)

Need to pause and describe Alana - her body is AMAZING. She has lovely perfect natural small breasts, a toned and lean body with a super ass in perfect proportion to her body. She is like a little nymph you might find frolicking in the woods.

D., NYC, on (November 2022)


"Alana is a petite, brunette spinner with a slim, toned physique, and a killer butt... with her exotic eyes and naturally high cheekbones... She has a noticeable French accent, which gives her voice a sultry, sensual quality. She does a good job of reading your natural vibe and rhythm and building that physical and sexual chemistry. Spending an evening with Alana is not a date, it's an experience. She's a gracious and attentive host and makes you feel like you're the only person in the world."

M., Toronto, on, October 2022

"She is certainly a true professional at making her client’s experience top-notch. She will go the extra mile and is the dirty-GND that meshed well with what I was hoping for. She has an exotic and captivating look and is definitely better in person than in her pictures. Overall one of my favorite experiences. I would recommend it to those who want to indulge in the top shelf of courtesans."

F., Toronto, on, June 2022

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