Learn more about me and what I appreciate. . .


French Canadian & Asian


Spoken languages:

French (main) & English


Early to mid-20s


5 foot 4


Top: 34 A

Garter belt: XS

Bottom: XS

Heels: 7 US


Culture, food, wine, health, and fitness.


Yoga, meditation & gym training.


On my Bucket list:

1. Napa Valley & Italy wineries

2. Trip to South-East Asia

3. Attend Burning Man

4. Go underwater diving

Favorite cuisines:

Japanese, Italian, and Modern American.



Red (Cabernet-Sauvignon, Sangiovese & Tempranillo)

White (Chardonnay & Sauvignon blanc)

Gin tonic



Non-alcoholic beverages:

Matcha latte, green tea, and cold-pressed juices.


Diner recommendations:


Japanese/Asian: Yasu, Ja Bistro, DaiLo & MIMI Chinese

Italian: Giuletta, Bar Vendetta & Buca

Fun dining: Bar Isabel, Aloette & Bar Raval

Haute dining experience: Alo, Shoushin & Jacobs & Co

The closest from my incall: Terroni, LouisX Louis & Restaurant 20 Victoria, and more.


I find laid-back dining as enjoyable as high-end experiences -

Feel free to share your suggestions for our next diner date.



New York City: Crownshy, L’Artusi, and Eleven Madison Park

Los Angeles: Angelini Osteria, San Laurel, and n/naka

Las Vegas: Carbone, Sinatra, and Mott32

Vancouver: Botanist, Elisa, and Kissa Tanto

Montreal: Le Mousso, Joe Beef, Ile Flottante, and Montreal Plaza

Extended date ideas:

 Sports games, spa date, music event, Burlesque show, museum, and more.