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People often say I'm warm, friendly, and affectionate. With my soft French accent, Eurasian features, and plump lips, I stand at a petite 5'4" — a dream for petite lovers. Former healthcare provider, passionate about food, travel, wellness, yoga, and fitness. My travels have whisked me away to stunning places like France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Thailand, Taiwan, and the Maldives.

I prefer quality over quantity and your comfort, privacy, and confidentiality are my top priorities. I enjoy extended dates as they give us the opportunity to build a genuine connection and create a laid-back, intimate experience. Whether we're out on the town, exploring, or simply enjoying each other's company.

Can't wait to meet you soon, love.


Ready for something new and refreshing or a special treat for yourself?


Picture our bodies pressed closely together, taking a break from your daily routine. Sharing funny stories or having a heart-to-heart chat. Playful and open-minded, I enjoy teasing, and I'm not afraid to get a bit messy when the mood calls for it.


As we get cozy and closer, you'll feel my kisses on your neck and my hands smoothly gliding onto your thighs. We can explore new territories together, and I am excited to discover what turns you on.


More about me

Age: 20's

Height: 5 feet 4 

Clothing sizes: XS or S

Shoe size: US 7

Spoken languages: English and French (native)

Favorite cuisines: Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Italian and Seafood.

Beverages: Red and white wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Barolo, Barbaresco, Sangiovese, and Chardonnay - I'd love to share some with you! 

Gin-based cocktails, Champagnes, green teas and smoothies.

Favorite scent: Light, delicate, and floral


"I was looking for someone I could connect with for a night on the town in Vegas and, oh man, what a wonderous experience. From the second I saw Alana, her smile and eyes just radiated and I knew right then we were going to hit it off. As we walked to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, I noticed one thing that really hits home with me - simple, affectionate touching. When you’re on a date, the affection of just naturally touching someone’s arm or hand or face can really set the mode for a great evening. She looked so incredible in a stylish dress, jewelry, etc. I’m sure my adrenaline level was like I’d just pounded 10 Red Bull’s. With a tight body and gorgeous lips, Alana is certainly beautiful. But beauty isn’t everything, especially when you’re on an extended date with a total stranger. You cross your fingers that you connect, and we sincerely hit it off in the chemistry department, chatting about everything. Alana is both smart and charming. She’s also super authentic, confident, passionate and, frankly, one of the most endearing women I’ve ever met '...'

If an AI chatbot were writing up the perfect scenario for a Vegas night, this was it, thanks to Alana. Absolutely, 100% the woman you’ll be thinking about 20 years in the future when you reminisce about the best times in your life."

S., Las Vegas, 2022


 I'm looking forward to meeting you! 

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